Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Life's Turning Point?

click on the picture!

seperti yang anda baca di atas.
its a one in a life time opportunity.
yes it is!

hari ahad yg lepas, aku tibe2 dapat call dari no celcom(business number).
aku cakap tibe2 sbb sgt jarang phone tu bbunyi.

org tu (En.Nazree) tanye aku sme ade ni aku ni haikal ke.
pstu die cakap yg die ade trnmpk artwork aku kt internet on photography and montage videos.
and die nk offer aku untuk join company mereka.
buat photoshooting, video shooting for commercials and etc.

i felt like 'what??? is this for real?!'
then, i found out it is.
they are serious.

u see people?
the power of blogging.

thank you Allah~
for this opportunity.

at the same time i must focus on my studies.
but its not a crime to make money while u are studying rite?

is it my life's turning point?
maybe it is.

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