Friday, May 10, 2013


my name is haikal

have been single since February 2011.
but at the end of the year i found a girl who adds me on her facebook friend list.
we were so close since the first time we've chatted.
then i knew she have a boyfriend.
i wouldn't get serious with her.

one day, she told me that she is having a fight with him.
i don't want to be the reason.
i take a step back, for them to fix the relationship.
i didn't contact her for a while.
till the day she said "we broke up"

then we became best friends.
go trips together.
spend time together.
became movies buddies.

i've tried many new things with her.
things i don't do before.
and things that i didn't do for a long time.
the experience was great and awesome.
we are still friends.

my name is haikal.
have been single since February 2011.
and still am.
who? her?

we're not lovers. But more than friends.

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