Friday, March 26, 2010

a new MALAYSIAn great website!

this website is soooooo cool!
we can do three things at the same place!
which is social, marketing and networking.

what do you have to do?
well, for starters, you can sign up as a normal member.
 fill in the blanks and click register!

then, u'll get your own personal page!
where u can upload pictures.
get in touch with others.
update what is going on just like facebook and myspace!
u can add as many friends as u like.
get to know them.
which brings us to the next advantage of this website
when you have lots of friends:
you can buy and sell!
sell anything that u like!
it does not matter how many item that u want to sell.
this web site is like a step further to expose more about your products
if you are making shirts, foods, or just mostly about anything!

at the marketing page, u can add descriptions about your item.
you can also add pictures and videos from youtube.
to make your online customers more confidence that you are the owner of that item.

register as a normal member does not gives u the third advantage of this website
which is the networking.
contact me if you want more details on how to register as an official emall member.

so, what are you waiting for?
go and see it for your self at:

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