Monday, March 22, 2010

its getting near Haikal

UPU's closing date this 30th March.
and im not making up my mind yet.
i dont know what to choose.
im confused.
sains komputer?
im not qualified to get that course.
what is happening to me.
im serious.
i dont know what to choose.
which course.
maybe this next 2 or 3 days,
Allah will help me to choose which is the best for me.

and now, i cant really write or speak in english properly.
maybe i just need more practice.
thats all.
well, i have started my practice to speak with people in english.
sometimes, i called fly fm and speak with steve.
in english of course.
steve is really really friendly.
yes he is!
i think he can be a great story telling partner.
purposes of writing this onto my blog?
i dont even know

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