Saturday, June 22, 2013

If I'm Your Man

hold each other hands to where ever we go.

be there for you in good and hard times.

take care of you the best that i can.

small hugs for you anywhere and anytime like no one is around.

kiss your lips each morning even though you are still asleep.

always make time for you even though i am a busy man.

go here and there just for the sake of having randomness fun.

take photos of us each time we go out together.

take you to concerts and have a great time.

make silly videos together.

do stupid things together.

and the most important thing of all,
love you with all i have.
no lies.
no one else.
just you.
and only you.

someone know how it feels like to have the new me.
she had the time of her life.
but don't appreciate me on what i have done.
i don't do well to people who does not appreciate me.
take note, my future wife.

*pegi lantak ler grammar aku tu*

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