Friday, August 12, 2011

4 Years of Happiness

today, ZK is 4 years old!
- ZatiKal -

x tau nk kate apea.
nk ckp lama, memang terasa pn 'lama' dyea tu.
yup yup yup/
hari ni, lebih tepat lagi pada jam 10.23PM,
aku nk 4 tahun dengan dyea.

lame kn?
tp aku rasa cm baru smalam kenal die.

from 2007, untill 2011.
12th of August.

what that i can say is,
she is perfect for me.
her smile, her laugh, the way she treats me.
i love her so much.
thank you for everything syg~

4 years with you has been the wonderful years of my life.
thank you for everything,
Noor Izzati Binti Sabri

p/s: she is cute GILA! :P

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